Designer. Engineer.
Problem Junkie

I love the challenge of a complex problem and the process of envisioning and implementing a plan to address it.

While I'm educated as an engineer, I've found that most problems need more than an engineering solution. My work extends across engineering boundaries and includes physical products, digital experiences, and even the occasional business design.

At the end of the day, I'm motivated by one thing: making people's lives better through design.

I make things

I like science and math, but I learn so much more when I get my hands dirty. I am a firm believer in an iterative, human-centered design process. Check out my portfolio to read more about my work and process.

I study other people
making things

As a graduate researcher at the MIT CADlab, I explored how crowdsourcing can be used to improve organizations' internal product design and development processes. My research studied the collective creativity of crowds and revealed that crowd diversity and collaboration can increase the crowd's creativity. I also spent one year working with GE Global Research designing a web platform to crowdsource vehicle designs for the US military.

when I'm not designing, I ...