Pinecone Lamp

This is a pendant lamp inspired by Pavel Eekra's wonderful Crimean Pinecone Lamp. The lamp has no internal structure allowing light to permeate through the thin veneer petals. The lamp is laser cut from 1/42'' walnut veneer and finished with mineral oil.

I began designing the pinecone lamp in summer of 2012 while I was supervising several undergraduate students working on projects in my office. The students wanted to learn how to use our Epilog laser cutter, so I decided to have each of them design and build a laser cut lamp. While we were scouring Google image search for inspiration, I came across the Crimean Pinecone Lamp and decided it would be fun to make one of my own. With a bit of trigonometry, I developed a parametric model in AutoCAD that generates each petal's form based on the lamp's shape.

personal project
Pavel Eekra